Inspire health and wellness

Impact the World Around You

When you join the International Alliance Group as a healthcare professional, you can make a meaningful impact on those you serve. You also have the opportunity to realize your personal goals, build strong relationships, and enjoy a unique life-changing experience that only a cultural work exchange program in the U.S. can offer. As a credentialed nurse, under the TN Visa program, the International Nurse Alliance team is here to support your successful journey in the United States. From ensuring proper certification, employment placement, professional development, and getting settled in your new role, INA is here to assist you throughout your transition. Learn more about the TN cultural U.S. work exchange program for nurses from Canada and Mexico

Eligibility Requirements

Application Process

  • Apply Online
  • Interview with IAG and Host Employers
  • Receive Job Offer
  • Attend Visa Interview at U.S. Embassy
  • Arrive in USA & Attend Training